Amelie is my mother’s name. My mum and I are totally opposite. However, she has always been my main inspiration. She has faced lots of struggles, yet she is always positive.

She is of great significance for me and my family. She is the embodiment of love and care. She always stands for the family, sacrificing her needs and desires. Her way of smiling, love, care, and the way she showers all her affection lure me and my siblings. In spite of hard challenges in life, I would like to learn to still laugh and enjoy life like her as if nothing impacts her even while facing the greatest adversaries in life. I pray to almighty to provide me the ability to withstand and absorb pain of life like my mother; and still be able to extend my support for helping others; as she has done all her life. She has taught me all the values and norms required to be what I am today. She is my source of inspiration. She has always pushed me to follow my intuition and I have to thank her for this dream: Martina Maletti Brand. Mamma, ti voglio bene, this is for you!