Our brandDesign-oriented. Responsible. Unique.

Martina Maletti is a womenswear brand based in Madrid, founded in 2022 by Martina Maletti. Focusing on craftsmanship, detail and fabric, Martina Maletti builds elegant and modern apparel creatively through Maletti's dedication to responsible production.

More than a fashion company, Martina Maletti is a brand with a mission: to bring individuality back to the luxury fashion space, to create sustainable and conscious fashion. Digitally native, we are proud to be one of the first brands to be born online as an e-commerce brand. A fashion design brand with Minimal Boho Organic style, offering high quality sustainable products at competitive prices. Our philosophy and services are designed and inspired by organic design and we strive to offer what really matters with the best quality and price. Our strategy is to offer the best possible experience to our customers through all channels, from product to after-sales service, investing in social media and product quality in the most sustainable way.

Martina Maletti creates unique luxury designs with a commitment to conscious production, sustainability and circular fashion. Handmade in Madrid, Spain, by expert craftsmen. Inspired by the visual language of organic sculptures, Martina Maletti's signature aesthetic is defined by classic forms with modern details. The union of form and function, organic and boho, silence and noise, light and dark, past and present, and masculine and feminine underlies every element of all our capsules.

The capsule collections explore our deep appreciation and respect for nature, community and the world around us. Our materials are chosen for their low-impact credentials, while craftsmanship and manual technique are based on a unique blend of traditional and contemporary culture. Celebrating the beauty of imperfection, Martina Maletti brings together pure design and conscious creativity in a bohemian organic modernist perspective informed by travel, innovation and heritage.