How much it takes to produce my order?

We produce Made to Order. Once the order has been finalised, the garment will go into production in our atelier with a lead time of approx. 10 days.

Where is Martina Maletti produced?

We work with experienced tailors at our atelier located in Madrid, Spain. Our service is even more responsible as the supply chain is better optimized and more efficient, with a low carbon footprint.

Where are Martina Maletti fabrics from?

All our suppliers are in Madrid, Spain. They develop responsible fabrics with innovative natural, regenerative or recycled fibers and produce them locally. Their production chain is a traceable process that allows them to ensure the lowest environmental impact .

How do I wash Martina Maletti garments?

Martina Maletti creates delicate, unique and long-lasting garments, however, caring for your clothing is the easiest way to ensure it lives a long life in your wardrobe.

Take a thoughtful approach to washing and drying your wardrobe, and don’t wash more often than necessary. Always read the care label, as each garment has different needs to ensure it stays in its best condition. Here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Wash at a low temperature: make sure you wash clothing at the lowest temperature possible, particularly when washing delicate items.

  • Wash at a shorter cycle: the shortest wash cycle is usually long enough to clean your garment, while saving water.

  • Choose a natural liquid rinse: liquid detergents dissolve better than powders and are the most sensitive option for hand or machine washing. We recommend these biodegradable option: the Delicate Wash.

  • Use a special garment bag: always use a specially designed laundry bag for fine materials such as silk, viscose, wool and Tencel™, and turn these garments inside out to avoid any color fading or changes. A laundry bag will help prevent abrasion during washing, which can lead to pilling. You can find special garment bags designed specifically to reduce microfibre shedding from materials like polyester and polyamide – we love this one from Guppy Friend .